Reason Alex Ferguson Miss Chancellor to Recruit Zidane to Man United

Reason Alex Ferguson Miss Chancellor to Recruit Zidane to Man United

While still serving as Manchester United coach, Alex Ferguson, was never refused an offer to bring Zinedine Zidane to Old Trafford.

“When Zidane was in Bordeaux, Manchester United’s talent guide, Les Kershaw, said we had to sign him,” said Martin Edwards, former Red Devils owner, Man United’s nickname.

Edwards also told Ferguson and it turns out before, Eric Cantona, Man United striker at that time, had also suggested the legendary coach to recruit Zidane.

However, Alex Ferguson chose to mempricitaskan Eric Cantona at Manchester United than to bring Zidane.

Quoted from the official website of Manchester United, Ferguson chose not bring Zidane because it will affect Cantona’s position in the team.

According to Ferguson, Zidane and Cantona occupy the same position.

Zidane’s presence is expected to get rid of Cantona who was then in a bad reputation.

When the game against Crystal Palace in the English Premier League on January 25, 1995, Cantona kicked an opposing supporter for taunting him.

The kick was until now known as kung fu Cantona.

As a result, the striker was removed from the field and received a ban on playing.

Alex Ferguson did not want Cantona to be eliminated from the team, even the coach came to France to persuade the striker to rejoin Manchester United after the suspension ended.

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