PSM Makassar Wants Preseason Game against Foreign Clubs

PSM Makassar Wants Preseason Game against Foreign Clubs

PSM Makassar plans to hold a test match for a series of preseason to receive the title of League 1 2018. One of the opponents that the shooting is an overseas club to measure the ability of the Ramang troop ahead of next season’s competition.

Some of the clubs from Asia that tried to coach Robert Rene Alberts is Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, to Thailand. By holding trials against overseas clubs, it is expected that the technical and mental qualities of players become honed.

“I also want the test was held not in the form of trofeo. Later the right time for this international trial after the training camp on 5-15 January 2018, “he said.

In addition to a test match against foreign teams, the Dutchman also hopes the existence of the 2018 Presidential Cup is expected to take place. Given after against foreign teams, Rene considers the 2018 President Cup as an appropriate event for the preparation of his team.

“As the coach is clear I want the program organized can run smoothly. It’s all for the sake of finalizing and maximizing preparation, “said Robert Alberts.

The plan PSM Makassar will also hold an exercise outside of Sulawesi. So far two places that are considered suitable are Bali and Yogyakarta. Approach with field managers who will be a place to practice continues to be done intensively.

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