Persegres Vs Bali United, like Duel Guru and Pupil

Perwakilan pemain bersama pelatih Persegres Gresik United dan Bali United dalam sesi jumpa pers sebelum pertandingan, MInggu (30/7/2017).

Persegres Vs Bali United, like Duel Guru and Pupil

Interesting spectacle is predicted to be presented in one of the last week’s first-round match of the League 1 competition when host Persegres Gresik United host Bali United at Surajaya Stadium, Lamongan, Monday (31/7/2017) night Agen Sbobet Terpercaya.

Bali United which is now handled by Widodo Cahyono Putro will face Persegres who recently raised Khusairi as assistant coach.

Widodo and Khusairi themselves have long been known to have a good relationship. In fact, they had worked together as coaches and assistants in Sriwijaya FC though not long.

“We will try to implement the results of the training because Widodo’s coach is my friend, my best friend, as well as my teacher, so what I give in practice session is almost the same,” said Khusairi in a press conference before the game on Sunday (30 / 7/2017).

“We just wait for the results tomorrow,” he said.

However, Khusairi was prepared to “put aside” a sense of friendship for 90 minutes on the field in the game later.

“For Persegres we know all the material, yes like this, but that does not mean we will be down before the game, at least we will make it difficult for Bali United to enter our goal,” he said.

Khusairi is currently gaining full trust from management, in order to replace Hanafi’s role to lead the team’s training and provide instructions from the sidelines.

Uncomfortable news had approached Persegres ahead of the game because some players are no longer together, ranging from Dave Mustain, Rendi Saputra, M Chairul Rifan, to Fitra Ridwan.

However, the coach of Bali United, Widodo Cahyono Putro, felt not benefited by it.

“The advantage for us if they (Persegres) do not play with 11 players, maybe nine or seven players only, that’s an advantage for us,” said Widodo in a press conference before the game on Sunday (30/7/2017).

“Since they will also play with 11 players, then there is no advantage for us,” he said.

Widodo also has told his students, not to underestimate the Persegres that will be faced.

In the standings, Bali United winning far by ranks fourth, while the team Laskar Joko Samudro slumped on the board below.

“I’ve never talked to a player, do not ever see the standings, do not ever see the astonishment in the team because in this league, baseball there is a super team, enggak there is a bad team, each can be defeated and each one can beat, “He said.

Bali United travel to Lamongan with 20 players, minus Nick van Der Velden and Irfan Bachdim.

However, Widodo claimed to have prepared substitute players who claimed no less qualified.

“We are ready to play and we will give our best, hopefully our game will be able to entertain in the match and optimistic will be three points,” said Yabes Roni Malaifani, representing the players of Bali United.

Persegres must entertain Bali United outside Gresik because the Petrochemical Stadium located within a complex with GOR Tri Dharma can not be used.

That’s because the complex is being used to hold the 19th Asian men’s volleyball championship.

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