Klaassen Inspired by Bergkamp’s Success

Everton’s brand-new playmaker Davy Klaassen admits he is deeply inspired by the success of one of Arsenal’s legends Dennis Bergkamp, ​​who is also a former mentor during his stay at Ajax Amsterdam Situs Poker Online.

Klaassen admits he has been more than ready to face the new season along with his new club, and competing in the Premier League he admits would be a very exciting experience for his career as a football player.

Speaking to the media about Bergkamp, ​​whom he acknowledged had given him plenty of experience to compete in the Premier League competition, Klaassen also stated, “My first memory of the Premier League was when watching Dennis Bergkamp perform for Arsenal.

“And it can not be denied, that he has become a legend for Ajax Amsterdam. However, as I watched him play for Arsenal, I got an inspiration from his form of play. He was one of the best in his era, and Arsenal was very lucky to have it at the time.

“While training for Ajax, he often started talking to me. I always pay close attention to every word he spends.

“He even had time to tell how he had to adjust to the climate of football in England.

“But, like him all along, he will not talk too much. He only gave me a clue as to become a better player, and tried to focus into the smaller details that even the world-class players have missed.

“And right now, I do not want the public to try to compare myself to it. Bergkamp is himself, and as you can see, he is the best in his era, it is impossible for you to compare myself to him. ”

Klaassen is known to have just joined Goodison Park in early July, after Ajax agreed to release it with a dowry of £ 23 million.

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